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Basis Solutions has provided engineering & design services to customers ranging from small independent laboratories to large multi-national companies.
Our projects range from optimization of single components to complete process overhauls rerquiring novel equipment and methods.
Regardless of the size of the customer or the scope of the project, we realize that projects of all types must begin with a reduction of the problem to fundamental facts and first principles to form a basis from which to formulate solutions.
Quickly reach one of our engineers... there is never a charge for an introductory discussion to see how we may be of service.
Degreed Engineers at Basis Solutions can assist with design services in the areas of
● Mechanical Component and Assembly Design for Manufacture
● Packaged Systems
● Skid/Structural
● Process, PFD/P&ID
● Experimental Apparatus/Equipment
● Thermal and Fluid Systems
● Mechanical Power Transmission
● Custom Equipment and Machinery

Our engineers are equipped with the latest design (CAD/CAM) and analysis tools:
● AutodeskĀ® InventorĀ® Ultimate (with FEA capability)
● FeatureMill with full 3D surface milling capability